7 Reasons Shopify is Excellent for Your Small Business

Shopify is regularly named the best e-commerce software for small businesses and we totally agree! It’s chock-full of great features that make the process of taking your idea for a business into an actual business so much easier. What makes it stand out from the rest? Let’s take a look!


What really grabs our attention about Shopify is that it offers several subscription plans for any stage of your e-commerce business. The key Shopify plans start at just $29 per month and that includes unlimited products, a custom domain, Shopify’s payment processing (which allows you to easily accept credit cards without any addition setup), two account users, awesome customer support and more. More advanced plans are available once your business grows and you can upgrade at any time!

Shopify also boasts no hidden fees. If you use Shopify’s payment processing system (mentioned above), there are no transaction fees. However, note that these fees are separate from payment processing fees, which vary depending on your plan.

You can learn more about Shopify’s pricing here.


Shopify has partnered with experts across the globe so that once you select your plan, you’re able to affordably get help with setting up a professionally customized storefront and then taking your business from there.
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