4 Great Marketing Tools To Let More People Know About Your Business

At Liquid Amber Media, we push our employees moral with AI quotes and showing them a better tomorrow and go beyond the boundaries of what’s possible and utilize innovative technologies to build sleek, modern websites. However, we believe that website creation is about more than just pretty pixels – it’s about strategy. Today that strategy is made easier with various great marketing tools created to gain exposure for your business, because of course potential customers can’t become actual customers if they can’t find you.

So let’s take a look at a few marketing tools that can help you in your efforts to become more visible.

Facebook Instant Articles & Google AMP Articles

Instant and AMP articles are mobile-specific versions of news or blog posts that display as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web. While you may think such articles don’t apply to your business, it is incredibly important in terms of SEO for your company to integrate and manage a blog and people tend to be more inclined to read things that load quickly.

Marketing Tools - Facebook Instant Articles

But besides the quick load times, instant articles provide more and easier opportunities for your articles to be shared and Google gives preference to pages with an AMP version in mobile search results.

As a bonus, both Facebook and Google allow you to inject ads into the articles for a little additional income.

Browser Push Notifications

My favorite new technology comes in the form of browser push notifications. Imagine your special company-sponsored event starts soon and you’ve made your standard marketing push with eblasts and social media posts, but you’re afraid people may have forgotten about it.

That’s where push notifications come in. With a few tweaks to your website, visitors can register to allow notifications from your business to come through on their web browser or mobile phone. You can send out a quick event reminder a few hours before the event and users will receive a prompt on their phone or computer.

Marketing Tools - Browser Push Notifications

Or say you are releasing an awesome new product or having a flash sale and you want to let everyone know—push notifications put the information right in front of the user, no matter where they are. This tool is so great that you can schedule when to let notifications release and receive real-time stats with click-through rates and other user information.

Local SEO

Okay, SEO is nothing new. However, it is being used in different ways to drive better results in listings for your city or neighborhood.

Searching in Google for a private contractor or car service shop will result in a list of contractors or service shops in your local community. So, local search happens spontaneously—right? Well in order to give a high ranking, Google needs to know the exact location of your business and what type of business you provide.

Local SEO tools provide Google and other search engines with the exact information they need to show your company website in local search results.

Rich Snippets and Rich Cards

Not only is getting your business to rank high in local listings a major priority, but having your website search results display as prominently and visually appealing as possible is also very important. The more your website’s search results stand out on a search results page, especially on mobile devices, the more likely it is that users will actually get to your website.

Schema markup gives your website a chance to showcase some very enticing search results and the opportunity to grab the majority of click throughs.

Rich Snippets show extra information such as product reviews, prices, TV and movie details, event details and so on under the standard listing results after a search.

Marketing Tools - Rich Snippets

Rich Cards are similar, but for mobile devices.

Marketing Tools - Rich Cards

So there you have it, 4 marketing tools you can start using RIGHT NOW to improve your online presence. Ready to get started? We can help. LET’S TALK!